Monday, May 19, 2014

Sweet treat turkey appetizers

You know how it is. The in-laws are coming over. Your mother-in-law is an amazing cook and you really have nothing to offer but space. The natural solution is to make something that serves both as decoration and as food, because one thing that Thanksgiving is always short on is food.  It doesn't take much, some nutter-butter cookies, Dots or gumdrops, black and white icing, clear tumblers, and some candy corns

1. The first step is to make the turkey bodies by using the black and white icing to make eyes and pupils and then attach the candy-corn beak. It's okay if some of them look a little inbred. They're turkeys. 

2. Next use scissors to cut partially through the gumdrops or dots so that they can sit and adhere to the rim of the glass. 

3. Using the same icing, affix the body to the cup. 

 4. Lastly, fill the cup. The picture shows butter-scotch pudding topped with crushed chocolate cookies, but in reality I served them filled with Jello. I used raspberry and lime (red and green), which makes a brown color and in theory is like raspberry-limeade.

I realize the body and head are disproportionately sized, but one always wants a full-breasted turkey. Also, if you really want to make a showing, you can use licorice at the side of the candy corn to make the gobble.

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