Wednesday, May 7, 2014


A week ago I had a dream about deer. The fortunate thing was just as the deer closed in, a mountain lion closed in and scared away the deer. Then the mountain lion turned into a woman at work.

 Last night I had a series of dreams.
In the first I dreamed that I was in Las Vegas and wanted to see a show. We looked around and finally settled on one we could afford, which ended up being a comedian whose act consisted of him stripping down and urinating on the ice. When I wasn't appreciative of his humor, he followed me the rest of the dream (still naked) and tried to force a recorder (like the musical instrument) into my mouth.

In the second dream, I was at my moms with three cuts of meat. One still contained fur. There was a panther in the house with us and as we all know, Panther's belong outside, so I took one of the meats (surprisingly not the hairy one) and tossed it out the back door. The panther immediately took off after it, but was intercepted by a mountain lion which took the meat and one of the panther's limbs.

In the third dream, I dropped my children off at my mother-in-laws and then left in a 15 passenger van with my mom, sister, and brother-in-law. On our journey, I realized I didn't necessarily clarify with my mother-in-law about watching them and hadn't seen her when I dropped them off. I tried to place a call from a land line inside the van (call wouldn't go through). Meanwhile, my mom was discussing RPM's with my brother-in-law and was making eye contact with him in the back seat rather than watching the road. When I looked down, the speedometer was 212. I told her I had children who depended on me and asked her to slow down. She complied and was then passed by UHP with the lights on. Suddenly I was driving and it was dark and bodies and blood were all over the road. Among the stricken was Spiderman (guess he's not invincible).

That was about the point I woke up to a child who had to use the bathroom and had suddenly forgotten all of his skills and couldn't do it independently. This same child caused a delay of game in the morning routine as he argued about putting his superman shoes on because he wanted to color the white sides the color of Kryptonite. Same child also insisted that he be rebuckled into his car seat so he could assert his independence and show me how he could get out on his own without having to undo the top strap. (He's a contortionist). Then I'm left with the choice of being further delayed and allowing his demonstration, or forcing him out of the vehicle and showing up at the sitters with a sobbing 3 year old.

I only include the last part of that because a lot of mornings are like that and I think as I go to bed it is with great anxiety over getting everyone where he/she needs to be and doing it without permanently damaging too many relationships. For that reason, I think my anxieties come out in my dreams.

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  1. You have no idea how glad I am to hear that my bull-headed youngest is not alone! He pulls stuff like that in the car all the time and it drives me bananas! I just want to go, not listen to a soliloquy of why he does or doesn't have to do what I asked the way that I asked him to do it.

    I think dreams are fascinating! I wish I truly understood what it all means. I do a lot of wandering and looking for things in my dreams. :D