Sunday, September 8, 2013

Americana Twin Daisy Quilt

I cut this out a year or two ago, but only had need to finish it recently. There isn't a lot to say about it except that the squares are 12x12 (finished) and it's machine quilted. (Not my link, but why reinvent the wheel. I used a sewing machine.)
Okay, I could say a bit more about it. The daisy petals are each six inches from the point to the inner edge (before being stitched) and 3.5 inches wide.
I used a lid to make the centers of the flowers and then did a decorative scallop stitch around the edge (wrong sides together) and trimmed it rather than stitching it and turning it right side out.
The blue stripes were 4.5 inches wide (I couldn't do the math for 5/8" seams so I figured for 1/2") and then cut to 13 inches wide after they were pieced together.
The edges, which you can hardly see, were cut in 5" strips and then sewn to make 4" visible on the red plaid. The blue and red stripes are a bit wider (5" finished) so I may go back and top stitch along the seams.
I finished the edges by making my own binding out of the bandana print red and stitching it on the edge. It took longer than just piecing the top together, but when I was done, I was done and it was finished.
Generally I figure out my quilts on graph paper before I start sewing. I scanned it, but it doesn't really help. If you took time to look at it though, you would notice that my resulting quilt is not proportionate to my original plan. Also I went with red, white and blue rather then purple and green. It's good to draw it out first, but the end result isn't always what I plan.
The pillow case didn't really have a formula to it, but I made it to open in the center back (held shut with Velcro). I measured the pillow, sewed together leftover pieces and cut a top and bottom piece (with the Velcro closure centered) slightly smaller than the pillow. I used the leftover binding fabric and made a ruffle to put between the two layers and then stitched it all together.
Additionally, I made a small version for her doll bed because who wants to open a blanket for her birthday???

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