Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mario Birthday Cake

My baby told me he wanted a Mario cake for his birthday. I thought about trying to make Mario, but red frosting is hard to make and I didn't want to buy a Mario character pan. I suppose I could have attempted to cut and sculpt it into a face, but that would be messy and realistically, could I?
So instead, I decided to make a cake representing that level of the Mario game where he uses his motorcycle to jump from back to back over the crocodiles. What?? You don't remember that level? Maybe you didn't get that far in the game. Sorry.
The cake is a yellow cake mix; two layer. One of my friends happened to have a crocodile candy mold. The swamp grass or cat tails or whatever they green vegetation is is made from sour apple pull and peel pieces. By pulling them apart rather than cutting them it tapers the ends. I rolled the sides in crumbled cookies to give it a dirt appearance and then microwaved chocolate frosting for about 30 seconds and poured it on the top to make the swamp mud. The rocks are shelled pistachios.

Oh and Mario. . . he's from a box and now my kid has a new plaything. He thought it was perfect.

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