Monday, October 7, 2013


Sometimes its hard to be the mother of a superhero. How do you  tell your child not to go in the road when his return argument is, "I'll just throw krypton bombs at the cars."

When he wears his super hero underwear, he's potty trained because he doesn't want to soil superman, green lantern, or batman. If it's not a super-hero, it doesn't matter. It's important to keep up on laundry, especially for Superman, who is his favorite. He only has three pairs; laundry every other day or a big tantrum.

Yesterday I found him on the Ping-Pong (table-tennis) table preparing to take flight. He flew of the bed and broke his leg about a month and a half ago. My brother pointed out that he can fly at 9.8 meters per second per second.

He wears three outfits; superhero PJ's, his superman shirt, and while his superman shirt is going through the laundry, his batman shirt. Sundays are hard when we have to convince him that a shirt and tie are necessary.

He has two blue capes, one red, and one red with superman printed on it. He switches them in and out, takes them off, puts them on, covers them with breakfast, leaves them in various locations. The other day he had misplaced them all, so he came in wearing his superman t-shirt, his superman muscle shirt, and a pink fairy wings. Super-heroes have to fly. He's a problem solver!

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