Tuesday, February 25, 2014

cub scout cakes

Sometimes when you are married to the cub master you end up "helping" with things like pack meeting and arrow of light ceremonies and the likes. In his defense, he did bake all the brownies, I just frosted them. The beautiful thing about attempting to replicate a patch is that from a distance the embroidery looks like a bobcat, wolf, bear and a webelo (whatever that is; blue-peeled banana? corn on the cob beneath a blue moon?) Up close, it really is a bunch  of stitches and not very distinct. It makes it much simpler to replicate with icing; just a matter of creating the basic outline of the head and then back and forth to make the fur. I do wish the lettering were a little more even, but it got eaten even with irregular font size.

Or if it happens to be a sports-themed night, perhaps football shaped brownies are the order of the day. They're regular brownies (two batches) baked on a half-baker's sheet or a jelly roll pan. After I took them out of the oven, I used a cookie cutter to cut them out. I didn't really have a football shaped cookie cutter, so I used a small can, used a can opener to open both ends, and squashed the two sides to make the shape. Then it was just a matter of using a #4 piping tip to make the stitching. (I did the stitching on the side that was against the pan as it baked because it was flatter).That's what one does when her husband asks for help but she doesn't really have time.  I also bought ding-dongs; um. . . I mean hockey pucks for the dessert.

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