Monday, May 27, 2013


Sometimes, on days like today, I think life can't get better than this. By tomorrow, that feeling will probably fade, not because I'm filled with despair, but because today was one of the best days of my life. What was it that made it an extraordinary day???

Nothing. I didn't say it was extraordinary, I said it was one of the best days. Today was memorial day. Some of my favorite parts of the day were as follows.

1. I watered my garden. My garden reminds me of my dad, both the one I had on earth and the one who has always been in heaven. I'm grateful for an earth that was created by my Heavenly Father for me. I'm grateful for the rain and snow that falls that brings me the water to water my garden and to watch seeds turn into seedlings that form in to plants that bloom and bear fruit. That's a lot to think about from one watering of a garden.

2. I took my family to the cemetery. I'm not saying it's the most amazing destination for a Monday morning, but many of the people I love most have their final resting place in that cemetery. It's bitter-sweet to walk by their headstones and remember and think about the memories we made while they resided in their mortal forms. I am very grateful for the relationships we shared on earth and even more grateful that those relationships can continue forever.

3. I saw my grandma. Sometimes she forgets who I am or thinks I'm someone else, but she holds my hands with hers. Her skin is soft and her touch is gentle. I miss having her close.

4. Many of my siblings came by for lunch and a visit.

5. We ate my uncle's Dutch oven dinner. It's amazing food and the company, (many of my cousins and their families) can't be beat.

6. The four month health challenge sponsored by my work ended today and I was successful in completing it. I'm exercising more and overall feeling better. My psychological and physical still aren't in complete harmony, but their relationship is better.

7. This evening I drove home with my whole little family in the same vehicle. My life didn't turn out exactly as I had planned and is constantly changing, but as I looked at the sunset over the mountain range, I had this feeling of contentment. What a great day.


  1. You brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. I'm so proud of you for sticking with the health challenge. I don't have a fraction of your self discipline, and would have given up long long ago. I love you and am so glad to be part of your family!!

    1. Even if we're just the "other" family.

    2. You are closer to me than any of my biological cousins, so, yes, smart alec.