Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Chicks on a Nest

Nothing earth shattering, in fact it might not even taste that good, but look at it!
The "nest" is a rice crispie treat recipe where I used chow mien noodles instead of rice crispies; I might have mixed in some chocolate as well to give it that nesty dark brown color. Shape the nests to a muffin tin making sure the sides sit higher than the middle.
Fill the center with candy eggs. I prefer Cadbury eggs, but the Robin egg candies are a close second. Also, the candy coating doubles as a lipstick in a pinch (ask my aunts).
Top the egg filled nests with Peeps chicks (or others if you prefer). The thing I hate about Peeps is that five are stuck together, which looks fine in the package, but then the individual chicks look hen- pecked. Look at them!
The upside of using the Peeps chicks is that the boxes can be reused to give away individual birds on nests. Two fit per box. I think the one on the left has cataracts.

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