Friday, November 2, 2012

Warning . . . your common sense could be in jepordy

Usually I have my deepest thoughts in the bathroom. Sometimes they come in the shower, sometimes as I'm brushing my teeth, (often the most profound come as I am brushing my teeth in the shower), and sometimes as I am taking care of business so to speak.

The other night as I was brushing my teeth, deep in thought, waiting for inspiration, I noticed this.

(I added the scissors for emphasis. We don't actually keep our scissors on the back splash. Staring at the picture I realize they could use replacing or else we will need updated tetanus shots)

At first glance I thought it humorous, funny enough that I giggled to myself about it even after I had gone to bed. (I'm sure my spouse who gets up at 4:30 a.m. appreciates it when I giggle to myself. . . not as much as he'd appreciate a good guffaw. . . but more than a titter).

As the hours grew later and I continued to think about it, I realized that what I was seeing was not a comedy at all, but a tragedy. I've read Shakespeare and Steinbeck and they pale in comparison. How have we as a society evolved into a species that needs little tags attached to the power cord of the Norelco shaver in order to practice common sense? What next?

A few thoughts crossed my mind and it will surprise me not at all if in the very near future we see these safety tags on commonly used products.

(Would this one be attached to the outlet or the fork? Maybe both?)

I am awaiting the call by manufacturers for me to jump on board with their design team to mass produce these safety tags. (Although, due to costs associated with color printing, the green on the ipod and blue of th toilet water might have to be grey) Pshaw! Who said you need computer graphics?

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